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3 Easy Steps to a Cozy Family Room

Your family/living room.  Where so much of your life happens.  Where your family hangs out together the most. Well, maybe second to the kitchen because that's where the food is...and if you have kids, you know they're in there eating...all.  the.  time.  But I digress.  Back to the living room.  The place we connect with family, or decompress after dinner.  It's the spot for movie nights, board games, snuggles on the couch, play areas, laying in the recliner scrolling your phone or reading a book, and whatever else you do in there.   Since we spend our down time in there, you want to create a space that allows everyone to do exactly that!  

First, invest in furniture you LOVE.  I know budget is a factor, of course.  But this is one area that is worth the splurge.  I'm not promoting going into debt, but I do recommend buying the best you can afford.  Furniture is definitely one of those things where you get what you pay for.  So, look for quality when it comes to the big pieces-like couches and chairs.  You don't want to skimp here and then end up needing to replace everything in a year or two.  So, go furniture shopping.  Find the pieces that match your style and then sit in them.  Are they comfy?  Could you see yourself lounging in them?  Do they look inviting to guests?  If the answer to all 3 of these is yes, you have found a winner! We like these ideas from Wayfair and Ashley who offer a variety of styles and price levels.


Second, every living room should have a coffee table and an end table or two.  For decorating, playing games, storing books, resting your feet, holding snacks and drinks...all kinds of things.   We have a fairly large square coffee, and I love decorating it with a tray, candles, and a plant or vase of flowers.  My kids use it most often for LEGO-building.  You want it to be a useable space that also "cleans up" well when not being used.  I also have a few lamps on various tables in the room, because soft lighting is cozier and warmer than overhead lighting.  But a good overhead light is nice to have as well.  Super helpful for game nights and bigger gatherings!


And third, the cozy accents like blanket throws and throw pillows.  These small things can make a huge impact.  Drape a throw or 2 over the backs of chairs, over the arms of the couch.  Stack coordinating pillows in each corner of your couch or along the back.  Not only do they add a lot of style, they are so comforting as well.  When people come over, they almost always grab a pillow to hold on their laps while chatting.  The only downside to adding pillows and blankets is warm and cozy overload.  You may not want to get up.  Ever.  But we feel like it's worth it.  ;)

Happy decorating!  And don't forget to tag us on IG @vineandnest if you style your living room using any of our suggestions!  


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