5 Ways to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring!

5 Ways to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring!

Spring has sprung and it's time to head outside and soak up this gorgeous weather before the heat of summer sends us all back indoors with the a/c!  Make your porch or patio an inviting space you'll want to spend time in!  
Just picture yourself out there on your favorite lounge chair or swing, sipping your lemonade or  iced tea, enjoying the sunshine and a light breeze while the birds chirp all around you.   Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!  
So, let's get this porch refresh started with a few ideas:
1.  Patio Furniture
How's your patio furniture looking?  Is it inviting?  Is it comfortable?  It may be time to invest in a new set, or it may just be time to refresh what you have!  If you're starting from scratch, it's nice to have a set that offers plenty of seating for get-togethers.  Patio sectionals and arm chairs are great! Or maybe you have a set you love but it just needs a good hose down or power wash.  If you have wooden furniture that is starting to splinter, give it a good sanding and maybe a layer of protective coating (because nothing spoils the afternoon like a splinter in your leg when you sit down!).  If your current set needs a refresh, it's amazing what a coat of paint can do!  You can make your old set look brand new without breaking the bank.  Your main goal is just making sure you have furniture you want to sit on!
2.  New pillows!
Find some pretty outdoor pillows to dress up your patio set!  We are loving these out on our front bench right now!  Choose some in a variety of prints and sizes for extra comfiness, and add them to chairs, benches and porch swings.
3.  Add flowers and plants
This one kind of goes without saying.  What's spring without all the beautiful flowers?!  Get some pretty pots and arrange them around your space.  Next, do your research on what grows best in your climate and what kind of lighting they need.  I highly recommend adding a few plants that naturally repel mosquitoes:  like lavender, citronella grass, rosemary and marigolds, to name a few.  I personally like adding perennials that I can enjoy every year without having to replant.  Delight your sense of smell by adding lilacs, jasmine or any of your favorite scents. 
4.  Charming Additions
If you like the cottage or farmhouse look, maybe add a few charming, unexpected items to you patio space.  Like a bicycle with a basket full of flowers.  Or an old ladder acting as a plant stand.  It's fun to get creative and add things you love.  Plus, they make good conversation pieces for when you have company!
Spring patio decor 
5.  Lighting
You know the difference between a nice patio and a STUNNING patio??  Lighting.  Such a simple thing that packs a big punch.  You can add chandeliers, string lights, floating candles for pools or ponds, mason jars with fairy lights hanging from the trees, landscape lights...you get the idea.  It creates an unparalleled ambience while enjoying an evening outside.  Oh, and don't forget those citronella candles too to keep the pests away!  
Patio lighting
Now, go on out there and enjoy the season with your little oasis you've created! 
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