Create a Home Office You'll Love

Create a Home Office You'll Love


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As an unprecedented number of people are now working from home, the need for a home office has risen dramatically. One thing the pandemic taught us was that many jobs can be done remotely and a lot of people are starting to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working from home.  So, it makes sense that creating a workspace at home has become a necessity for most of us. 

So, let's talk about creating a home office you'll look forward to spending your days in!  We want it to be functional obviously, but also comfortable and, well, pretty too!  Here is a round-up of ideas I've collected to make your home office or workspace the best it can be:

1.  Closet Conversion.  

Probably the biggest issue for creating a home office for many is lack of space.  If you live in an apartment or smaller home, you likely don't have a dedicated office/den or an extra bedroom to work from.  If this is the case for you, no worries!  If you can clear out a corner in a living room or dining room to set up a small work station, that's perfect.  Or you can remove the doors from your closet and make that into your office.  Paint the walls a color you feel energized by...I always love shades of blue.  Measure your space and add the biggest desk that will fit to maximize your space. Add some shelving to the walls around it for all of your necessities and you're all set!  We'll get into decorating further down this list.

office nook

2.  Natural Light

Natural lighting is ideal, if at all possible.  It relaxes and energizes us at the same time (how does it do that?!) Our brains work better and we feel more awake when we are working with a good light source.  Position your desk close to a window if you can.  I have my desk right next to a window at the front of our house.  I love being able to look away from my screen now and then and see what's going on outside.  Just call me the neighborhood watch.  ;)

office window

3.  Make it Comfy

If you have the space, add a comfy chair or couch to your office.  It's good to get out of your desk chair now and then, and sit or lay in a different position.  But venturing out into the living room can often derail your work focus. Best to stay "in the zone" by staying in your office, but you can take calls or read reports while sprawled on the couch!  And your laptop is portable, after all!  

4.  Add Plants

Adding a little nature to your office does more than you may think.  Not only do plants do magical things like produce oxygen and clean the air, they just add that little something to any room!  Not a great plant-mom/dad?  Get a very low maintenance variety.  I highly recommend snake plants.  Great at detoxifying the air, and can go weeks without needing water!  I have one in the corner of my office in this basket and it looks so pretty!  

5.  Make it Functional and Beautiful

Ok, so offices basically need the same essentials:  desk, chair, computer, and shelves.  But the basics don't need to be blah!  We won't spend time talking about the furniture.  You know your style and needs go with that.  But let's talk about the fun part...decorating!  Accessorize your desk with a cute pencil holder, a small desk calendar, and hang a file holder on the wall next to you. I like this one.  The desktop version is great too!  Add some style to your shelving with plants (see above) photos, books, and other accessories like these popular wooden bead garlands.

Add some wall art, maybe some vacation photos.  Anchor it all with a pretty area rug that brings it all together.  Personalize it to fit you by adding what makes you happy.  What makes you want to spend time in this space. It'll make "going to work" each day a lot more bearable.  Happy decorating!


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