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Fun DIY Projects to Try at Home During SIP

  • SIP orders have led to a DIY explosion throughout the world. Home improvement stores are witnessing unprecedented footfalls, on almost every day of the week.
    Since more and more time is being spent indoors, people are finally realizing how much they have to do around the house.  And now we have the time to do all the things we've been putting off. 
    These simple DIY decor tips will not only innovate your interiors, but may be a good outlet for stress as well.
    1.  Recycled Tin Lanterns
    These luminaries are simple to make using discarded tin cans, which we have been stocking up on these days. Just poke random holes in the recycled cans, using a hammer and a nail, or try creating your own design.
    Be careful of injuries by driving the nail just enough to create the hole. When finished, place a candle or light inside and put it on the patio for a stunning effect.
    2. Seashell Candles
    Most of us keep shells, either as a hobby or as memories from beach vacations and then don't know what to do with them. By using wax and a wick you can turn these shells into useful, decorative home accessories.
    Glue the wick to the bottom of the shell and pour a mix of melted beeswax and a few drops ofessential oil in the shell, holding the wick up with a skewer. Allow it set, trim the wick and your loving candle is ready. If you don't have seashells, a coconut shell would look great too.
    3.  Travel Boxes
    Since travel is not feasible in the current scenario, an opportunity to look back on past trips can be a fun alternative. This DIY storage hack is made of old empty DVD cases (or other small boxes), which are converted into individual memory boxes.
    Mark each case with the name of a particular place, fill it with knick knacks from your trips, and paste the cover with a map. Tickets, stamps, receipts, photos or postcards all make impressive mementos.
  • 4.  Fairy Lights
    A simple way to enhance the ambience of the home is by stringing up some fairy lights as the evening approaches. Is there anything more magical than fairy lights?!  You can string them up on the walls and ceilings to jazz up your space.  Add them to lanterns or mason jars and put them around your patio for a pretty glow!  
    5.  Pressed Flower Art
    This is a simple, yet beautiful idea.   Just pick a leaf, flower or even petals and press them inside a book. Once dried, you can choose
    your own design and glue them to regular or handmade paper and frame them for a stunning display.
6.  Basic Care
Not the most fun or glamorous item on this list, but an important one nonetheless! All the basic home maintenance stuff that we tend to put off when our lives are busy.  Here are just a few ideas of things that might need some attention. 
Clear your drains and gutters
 Clean/repair grout in the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
Restore the sealant near the faucets and showers.
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries.
  • Do a deep spring cleaning.
  •  Organize closets and the pantry.
The one thing I'm thankful for with SIP is that I've been able to slow down and do the things I rarely have time for.  I hope you'll find these ideas helpful.  I'm definitely going to try the pressed flower art!  If you try any of these, please share with me or tag us on your post!  We'd love to see your projects!  
*All photos used in this post were found on a Google search, and are not owned by the author.
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