2021 Home Decor Trends

Home trends can be fleeting, and often change from year to year.  How do we choose styles with staying power that we'll be happy with for more than a season?  We did some research on both what is currently trending and what is projected to have some style longevity, and here is what we found:
1.  Japandi is hot right now, but it's not as much a new style as it is a new fusion of styles and style names (Japanese + Scandinavian-often shortened to scandi =Japandi)  This blends the minimalism of Japanese style with the clean modern lines of Scandi.  The result is not something new, but a continued trend with a new name.  Ditching the clutter for a clean minimal look.  Lots of neutrals, only a few selected, intentional decor pieces and art on display.   Our wood trays work really well in this decor niche, and are both beautiful and functional. Type 'japandi' in your next Pinterest search for some inspo.
2.  Texture is in!!  The streamlined look of flat-faced furniture is not at common as in years past.  People are embellishing their existing furniture with with grasscloth, cane, and dowels rods.  Fun way to experiment with some DIY on pieces that could use a facelift.  Rattan and wicker furniture and accessories are quite popular!   Our rattan baskets are a great way to add some fun texture.  Use them as planters or a decorative way to store your things.
3.  Open floor plans have been the thing for many years now, but now it seems people are wanting more distinct spaces.  This is likely because so many of  us are working from home now since the beginning of the pandemic.  We have more of a need for home offices, playrooms, homeschool classrooms, etc.  Don't worry, this doesn't mean you need to hire a contractor and totally redo your floor plan.  Room dividers are trending now and make room separation easy and beautiful.  Also getting creative with your space and making flex rooms:  like a big laundry room that could possibly double as an office or nursery, for example.  
4.  Bold Color.  The days of lots of neutrals are far from gone.  Decorating with neutrals is timeless and is here to stay, which is why is it such a popular style choice.  But color is making a comeback!  Bold color and patterns are showing up in furniture, rugs, and more.  Green especially has become super popular for accent walls and cabinetry.    Personally, I always opt for a neutral palette when it comes to large, expensive pieces of furniture and then add pops of color with accessories like curtains, art, pillows, blankets and rugs like these.  These are easier to replace when you want a style change without having to invest in all new furniture.  That bright red couch may be all the rage right now, but will you still love it in a year or two?  
So, have fun with the home trends...that's what trends are all about.  But always keep style longevity and your lifestyle (dogs, kids, etc) front of mind when choosing to invest in decor.  The more "you" it is, the more homey your space will feel and the longer you'll love it!