Minimalist Home Decor Lovers

Love the look of a clean, decluttered home? That feeling of peace when you walk through the door and not being overwhelmed by so much "stuff"? Us too!

Let us help you create the relaxing minimalist home you crave with well-chosen, high-quality pieces that you'll love to display without your space feeling too cluttered.

Wooden Bowls and Trays

Adding wooden elements to your home gives it a calming, organic feel. Trays and bowls make for beautiful decor as well as functionality in keeping things organized. Use them on shelving, as coffee and dining table centerpieces, and in bathrooms to display soap dispensers and tea towels.

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Rugs not only anchor the room, they also add a welcoming softness to your space. We offer accent rugs in a variety of colors and patterns: you're sure to find one that fits perfectly in your home.

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Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are a must for saving space. Instead of storing away full pillows when you want to refresh your space, simply switch out the cover and keep the others in your linen closet for the next time you want use them. Our pillow covers are beautiful, washable, and have hidden zipper closures.

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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Our latest arrivals to our home decor collection. Trays, beads, signs, textiles... 

Kitchen and Dining Collection

Kitchen and Dining Collection

Essential and Decorative pieces for your kitchen and dining room 

Wall Art and Signs

Wall Art and Signs

A collection of woven, macrame, metal and wood accents to hang on...