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Valentine's Day Decor

Now that Christmas is all put away, the kids are already asking about Valentine's Day!  Meanwhile, we are just over here mourning the loss of the Christmas tree, the lights, the decorations, the sparkle....while simultaneously LOVING the Christmas clutter being gone.  I love a clean slate.  We go all out for Christmas as far as decor, so I enjoy just basking in the simplicity in January.  That being said, winter can be a hard season to decorate for once Christmas is over.   It's odd that Christmas falls right at the beginning of winter, but yet once the holiday is over, we take all the winter down.  Should we leave it up?  Maybe just the greenery and a few pinecones?  Until this year, I've always gone right to spring decor.  But I decided it's time to change it up.  I've left some greenery and haven't put out anything spring yet.  But the perfect bridge between winter and spring is Valentine's Day!  This year I'm adding some Valentine's decor, starting now...because we all know how quickly these days fly by.  I want to enjoy it before it's time to take it down again.  I'm not going crazy, but just a few touches here and there.  Starting with this!  This will be going up on our mantel very soon!  I'll share a photo as soon as I get it up!  

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