Favorite Home Decor Must-haves Under $50

Favorite Home Decor Must-haves Under $50

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When it comes to home decor, there really isn't a right or wrong style, or a "one size fits all" approach.¬† ¬†There are so many styles out there to love and bring into your home.¬† Farmhouse. Boho. Minimalist. Modern. Traditional. Cottage. Coastal. And the list goes on Some people know exactly what their decorative style is and never deviate.¬† Some people blend a few, and others like them all! The best part is there are no "rules" when it comes to your home decorating.¬† The only thing that matters is that you love it and your space feels good to you.¬† (Eclectic is our favorite style! ūü§©)

We also know that finding your decor style can be a challenge sometimes.  And that's where we come in!  We offer home decor items in a variety of styles to appeal to as many tastes as we can.  So, here's a list of some of our most recent best-sellers.  We'll show you what they are, how to style them and hopefully inspire you to try them in your home! And everything on the list is UNDER $50!  

  • Wood Bowls¬†and Trays.¬† These can be used just about anywhere, but work really well as centerpieces on dining tables, coffee tables and kitchen islands.¬† Our dough bowls¬†look great on their own but can also be filled with bath bombs by the tub, candles, tea towels next to the sink, soap dispensers, and more.¬†¬†

          Our wood bowls are perfect for shelf decor, table tops, even fruit bowls.                You can use these anywhere.  Made of paulownia wood, these are beautiful             and functional.  wood bowl home decor centerpiece

  • Accent Rugs¬†add SO much to your space.¬† They are a great anchoring piece in entry ways, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.¬† Most flooring is neutral and rugs add that perfect pop of texture, color and design.¬†¬†¬†Plus, they just feel nice under your feet!¬†bathroom rug modern home decoraccent rug modern rug area rug home decorblack and white rugs
  • Tray Decor.¬† Need a little inspo for what to add to trays, shelves, etc?¬† One of our most popular items for this is our¬†wood bead garlands.¬† We have them in various colors and styles, including this¬†large bead garland¬†(our newest arrival).¬† Have them spill out of trays and bowls, lay them on top of book stacks, hang them over wall hooks, get creative and experiment- that's the fun part!¬† :) We also have these new tiered tray decor sets that are really cute.¬† Laser cut wood detailing is beautiful!¬† Our tiered tray lovers are LOVING these!¬†tiered tray decor sets farmhouse homejumbo wood beads boho style home
We hope we were able to give you a little decorating inspo today!  This is just a sprinkling of some of our customer favorites, and we'll be sharing more in the near future.  We encourage you to visit our website and browse away!  We have so many items that we hope will inspire you.  Just remember there is no "wrong way" to decorate your space.  Do what you love and make it a place you love coming home to.  At Vine & Nest, we believe YOU make your home beautiful.  And we're here to help! Feel free to leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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