About Us

How Vine & Nest came to be...

Hi!  I'm Jen, owner of Vine & Nest.  Before becoming a mom, I was an elementary school teacher.  I took time off to be home with my kids, but soon realized I didn't want to head back to the classroom.  So, I started dreaming about what my next career chapter could be.  For years, friends and family had come to me for advice and suggestions on home decor (my true passion!).  Lightbulb moment!  What if I could turn this passion into my next career?!  The next year involved a whole lot of learning, trial and error, and FINALLY launching my business!  Vine & Nest came to be in early 2019.  As we've grown, the business has turned into a family affair.  We ship everything out of our home, and my two boys are starting to learn to pack orders and help me load them up and drop off at the post office!  My primary goal is to share my passion for home decor with you by offering quality products at an affordable price that you'll love for years to come!  

owner of Vine & Nest


The meaning behind our name...

I often get asked why I chose the name 'Vine & Nest'.  It actually has two meanings.  The first is the more surface meaning...we sell home and garden items, so vine represents garden and nest represents home.  The deeper meaning is that I believe this career path and business is an answer to a prayer I prayed for years.  I wanted to find a way to be home with my kids, but still contribute financially to our family.  I've struggled with anxiety and truly needed a job I could do from home.  I know God has his hand in every part of this journey.  So, "vine" is actually representative of God.  Vine is first in our name because God is first in our business, as well as our lives. 

In Sunday school many years ago, we used to sing a song that went.."He is the vine and we are the branches..." That's stuck with me all of these years, knowing that no matter how we grow we are attached to Him.  And the 'nest' part..well, that didn't change..it still symbolizes home. :)  So, there you have it!  The double meaning behind our name!  

Thank you for being here!